A model Google contract that has strong student privacy protections

We have received many questions from parents and teachers  over the last few weeks concerned about the privacy practices and policies of the various ed tech tools and programs being adopted hurriedly by schools and districts in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.  One of the most widely used programs, even before many schools were shut down, was Google classroom or G-suite.

We just received a copy of the model G-suite contract that upstate NY administrators negotiated this fall with Google that complies with NY State’s student privacy law, Education § 2-d.  Because of the relative strength of this law, New York state received a B-, the second highest grade of any state in our state privacy report card, .

Parents in NY and elsewhere should ask their districts for a copy of their contract with Google Suite to see if it includes the same or similar privacy-protective provisions.  If not, ask why, and whether their district could negotiate a similar contract, or if in NY State, simply opt into this one.  If your NY district refuses to make available the contract upon request, you should remind them that they are required to post all contracts online that allow for the disclosure of student data, according the regulations promulgated by NY State Education Department in January.

BOCES model contract with Google – G Suite 19-20

BOCES district Opt-In – Erie1 9.3.19