No more student data sales by College Board/ACT!

No More Student Data Sales May 6 2024

Here is the presentation we gave on May 6 to parents from states throughout the nation, with tips on how to ensure their children’s data is not sold by the College Board or ACT.  Our spreadsheet with links to state laws where this is illegal for school vendors is here.  A video of the event is available on YouTube; Part I with the presentation, and Part II, with a Q and A.

Here is a template letter that you can use to write to your State Attorney General urging them to stop these vendors from selling student data in violation of your state law, as the NY AG did, is below.

If you are an Illinois resident, here is a form to write to the Illinois AG asking him to enforce Illinois’ state student privacy law, sponsored by Illinois Families for Public Schools.

Please email us if you have any questions at: [email protected]

Also contact us if you are a parent at one of the states that do not have a law prohibiting the sale of student data by the College Board/ACT, or have a state law that allows this with student consent, but without specifying the age of that student.  We can help you file a FERPA complaint to the US Department of Education.

Thanks!  Leonie and Cassie