Our response to the College Board’s claims of inaccuracies in our postings

Yesterday, we responded to a letter the College Board sent us on October 18th, claiming inaccuracies in our petition urging the NY Attorney General to investigate the College Board’s selling of student data, and in the fact sheet we posted warning parents whose children are taking the PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP exams.Check out the College Board’s letter, as well as our response below.

Update: 11/3/19:  The College Board sent a second letter in reply to our response, insisting once again that I make changes in the parent fact sheet.  I made two minor changes as explained here: one, that the CB sells students’  information related to their “religious interests” or “religious activities” (rather than their religion per se) and that it is the ACT that has been sued for selling student special education status.  The other changes I refused to make, as the CB provided no convincing evidence to back their claims. –